No Tomorrow

I walk into that bar I know shouldn’t
because tomorrow is a work day
But there is a band and I now I wanna hear them

You have to understand
now I have a pint in my hand

the band
they look quite broken
boy that bass man Im not joking
I give them a chance now I just wanna dance

I bet tomorrow I regret
The few hours of sleep I had
now I have a pint in my hand

If we die tonight
Well let it be
Just gimme one last night
Where i can be free
put all the trouble away till the dawn
if there is a tomorrow maybe they will be gone

I just was on my way back home but
But suddenly my body got out of control
Im jumping around as if there was no tomorrow

I Support my local band
with another pint in my hand

I can‘t
Come down without my
problems catching up with me
But tonight I finally can chill and be free

I dont care anymore
Let me stay in wonderland
now I have a pint in my hand