Masters of the Past

If I could go back in time
where would I go?
what would I change?

When I was young
The world was so endlessly big
I have the power

I got into my De Lorean
I knew who Im gonna call
and then I saved the princess
I guess justice for all

Nowadays I speak to my watch and my car
They were not too
far away from the reality
but back to my story
is this the life Im supposed to life
in all its full glory

I’m still not a rockstar
didn’t land on the moon
But life is over soon

In the night I dream
about what I could do
But now I start to see
that my dreams wont come true

When I keep dreaming
about what I could do
Maybe the time has come
to stop talking about

Maybe the time has come

I am the master of the past
But its about time
To get to the now

Masters of the past