Welcome home
To my comfort zone
I am back
back on track
Around me is all security but
it just doesn’t feel the way it should be

My body's here
My mind's away
maybe I'm not
meant to stay
at one place - I need to fly
I wanna see the world so good bye

But in the end my
heart will lead me
to places
I’ve never been before

I set the sails
into the unknown
to reach a
far away milestone

But in the end it
doesn’t matter
Where I’m going
I will always come back

Don’t get me wrong
I like it here
This is home
My mind is clear
But sometimes
A brainchild
I want a fresh breath of the wild

I need to take
A step back
To get the puzzle piece
that I did lack
That push me forward
and let me grow
To fly and feel free like a crow